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The Office of Instruction develops quality curriculum that prepares students to master the skills necessary to work and live productively. The department develops curricular and instructional initiatives that support achievement for all students. The development of curricula, based on research and best practices, provides teachers, students, and parents with a quality instructional program that is firmly based on the Virginia Standards of Learning. The division provides service to schools to support the effective implementation of curriculum, to meet the instructional needs of teachers, and to ensure the successful learning of all students.


  • Research and develop curricular and instructional programs that provide for active and engaging learning for all students in all content areas.
  • Improve teaching and learning to enable all students to achieve high standards of performance.
  • Align and coordinate the systemwide implementation of key initiatives to improve achievement and performance for all students including professional development related to assessment, reading, mathematics, and visible learning.
  • Develop and implement systemwide staff development based on the needs of all employees focusing on providing students with innovative, engaging instruction.
  • Provide services to administrators, teachers, and parents so students receive the support they need to succeed in school.

Department Contacts


Judy Woolfrey, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Elementary Instruction
(540)661-4550 x1548
Renee Honaker, Ed.D.
Executive Director of Secondary Instruction
(540)661-4550 x1551
Meaghan Nolan
Administrative Assistant for Curriculum and Instruction
(540)661-4550 x1550
Jessica Sarver
STEM Coordinator
(540)661-4550 x1553


Monica Weaver
Humanities Coordinator/Division Dyslexia Advisor
(540)661-4550 x1552
Sarah Hallum
Math & Teacher Development Coordinator
(540)661-4550 x1567


Evan Straub
SIS, Programs, and Testing Coordinator
(540)661-4550 x1570
Dawn Knight
Instructional Specialist
(540)661-4550 x1569


Rachel Goodloe
Data Specialist
(540)661-4550 x1568


Ellen Pitera
Community Liaison
(540)661-4550 x1671



This graphic shows Orange County Public Schools’ framework for learning which guides all instructional practices, curricular decisions, and instructional material adoptions. At the core of the diagram you see Visible Learning. All teachers' lessons should utilize John Hattie’s concept of Visible Learning with clearly defined learning intentions and success criteria to enhance student understanding. Engagement, relevance, and rigor are key characteristics of all our instructional programs, and the outer smaller circles depict the daily opportunities teachers give students to strengthen their collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creative thinking, and citizenship skills.

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